No, it's better. We actually initially wanted memory foam to be a part of CompREST however, our testing revealed that memory foam is 1) really heavy and 2) horribly non-supportive. It also did not pack up well under suction. We're still toying with the idea of adding a luxury-layer to CompREST further down the road.

Is CompREST made with memory foam?

What colours are available?

To simplify our first production run we will only be offering 1 colour scheme. The waterproof base of the CompREST mattress cover will be CompREST blue. The top will be dark grey and the stuff sack will be black. This will enable us to manufacture and deliver your CompREST as quickly as possible

How does CompREST charge my phone?

The lithium-ion batteries we've sourced for the pump are very high quality. They hold enough energy for 15 c‍‍‍ompressions on 1 charge. The chances you'll need to do 15 ‍‍‍‍‍‍com‍‍‍pressions is pretty low, but the chance you'll need a portable battery source is pretty high. So we decided to re-purpose some of this energy. The CompREST pump features a USB-port which delivers 5V and 1A of power, enough to charge a typical smart phone at least twice.

Do you offer a double, queen,  or king size bed?

Why restrict it to just those? With CompREST's infinite snap-together‍‍‍ design,‍‍‍ you can make any width of mattress you want. We prefer options and so did our testers. We also preferred simplicity for production, and cutting foam to a single size wi‍‍‍ll allow us to complete pre-orders much more efficiently than if we had to manufacture a variety of sizes.

Do you offer a “big ‘n’ tall” version?

‍‍‍We recognize that every person is a beautiful and unique snowflake, but we also know that custom cut foam would be a nightmare for our first production run. Our testers have varied in size and shape from 5 foot nil and a hundred pounds soaking wet to 6'5" and 280 pounds at weigh in. They have all been pleasantly surprised at CompREST's comfort‍‍‍‍‍‍.‍‍‍

How much does it weigh?

A single vacuum packed CompREST in a stuff sac weighs 4.5 lbs. The pump weighs an additional 2.6 lbs, or the weight of a pair of guinea pigs.

Could I take CompREST hiking?

We don't recommend it for multi day hikes. CompREST has been designed for comfortable and convenient car camping. It's ideal for base camping, music festivals but ‍‍‍‍‍‍you can use it for shorter single day ‍‍‍hikes.‍‍‍

The vacuum bags do get holes just like any air mattress. But, when a vacuum bag gets a hole it will still compress your bed for you. Which reveals the true utility of the Carry Bag, because once the vacuum packed bed is in the Carry Bag it can only expand to the limits of the Carry Bag.

Plus the vacuum bags are really easily fixed with tape since the Vacuum Pressure actually makes a tighter seal. Unlike an air mattress where the patch is always been pushed away from the hole.

Our testers did not find the bags with holes to be much of an issue except for when they were trying to get their bed out of the Carry Bag. So we added a tension relief zipper to give just a bit more utility.

How durable are the vacuum bags?


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